I'm going to Cherepovets, Russia this summer to teach English with TeachOverseas.org! Join me in mission with prayer and support!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I got my Passport!!!

Today I got my Passport in the mail. Yay!!! Things are really starting in motion for this adventure!

My 'draft' of my support letter is done, but I need to revise it and wait a few weeks to send it out because I'm moving! We will be moving into a HOUSE that my roommate just bought in the middle of March, so I don't want anyone's reply to get lost in the shuffle. I was also thinking today that I should make a list of personal expenses that will be oustide of the support that I have to turn in to Teach Overseas that I still need. Those needs include:

1. A 25 or 28-inch travel-worthy rolling suitcase. I only have a small one from like
1994...seriously. It's my mom's old one.

2. A power strip with international adapters

3. Approximately $150 for my one-way ticket to Los Angeles for training in June

Those are the big ones! I will try to include those in my support letter as well as those are needs that will not be able to come out of the amount of funds in checks made out to Teach Overseas.

I love organizing my thoughts on this blog! It's so much fun.

Something that I've been thinking about the last couple of days is the religious climate in Russia. Most people that I will encounter there will be relatively familiar with the gospel if they are not believers. Although the Orthodox church is the 'national church' of Russia, the aftermath of arelgious communism where people may claim church affiliation but not attend or believe.

Building relationships and showing the love of Jesus to my friends will be a powerful and dynamic way for the Truth to break through in people's lives. I am looking forward to that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting it Together

Hello everyone!
Well, after a busy week of sickness and working 'Valentines Day' at "Flowerama", I'm finally able to focus again on my progress for going to Russia.
I got an information packet from Teach Overseas.org last week that detailed the timelines for my fundraising as well as some of the things that I will need to do to raise support.

My timeline for funds is:
1. May 15th, $900 so they can purchase my airline tickets
2. June 4th, $1640 as a next installment
3. June 21st, the final $1900

I have a long way to go, but am confident that God will provide if it's His will!

I am making the final draft of my support letter, so those will be coming out soon!

In Joy,

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Journey Begins!

Dear Friends and Family,
Today I recieved a call from TeachOverseas.org that I was accepted onto their team to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia for the Month of July into the first week of August to teach English! More information will follow as I learn what I need to do to prepare for this amazing experience. Praise God!!!
In Joy,